Expo 202O Dubai Has Revealed A Brand New Musical Attraction, A Flying Piano

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Expo 202O Dubai Has Revealed A Brand New Musical Attraction, A Flying Piano

With 192 countries participating, the World Expo, also known as Expo 2020, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is currently being hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and is a blend of art, architecture, science culture, and more. There will be a brand-new musical attraction at Expo 2020 Dubai: a Flying Piano. A female pianist clad in a white robe is slowly lifted into the air while playing calming music on her white piano in the newest attraction, which mixes music and awe. Only the pianist Eleanora Costantini and the piano are visible to the audience, while the lengthy trail of her white gown obscures the mystery of how her piano was raised to a height of five metres. As they sit in lit chairs below, the audience marvels at the pianist.

Russia Pavilion Has Installed A Human Brain

Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability are the three theme districts that make up the vibrant territory. ‘Creative mind: driving the future,’ says the Russian Pavilion.


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The Russia Pavilion, which is located in the Mobility sector, develops this topic. It has set out to communicate in the building’s compositional design the image of the national pavilion. For unstoppable progressive development, invention, and advancement, the concept of perpetual motion is essential. The pavilion is divided into two halves. Each one nestled inside the other. The two hemispheres are connected by a dome. They represent wholeness and universality and embody the image of Planet Russia.

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The 46 Km Long Elements Of The Building’s Facade Articulates Themes That Are Crucial For The Modern World

The building’s cladding is made up of a jumble of interconnected thread-like pipes in various colours. Those threads reflect ideas of movement, meaning and knowledge development, future orientation, and a theme that is critical to the current world. The peaceful coexistence of a wide range of energy and events. Technically, the threads are manufactured from 8-cm-diameter aluminium tubes. Which is bent at various angles and braids the pavilion’s volume in several ways. The entire length of these elements is 46 kilometres, and there are over 1000 segments in total.

The tubes were coated with a coloured polymer composition that reliably protects the aluminium from burning out in the sun after they were made and bent to a specific angle. The project employs a total of six colours. Which, due to the infinite amount of permutations on the outside surface, alters its palette surface on a regular basis.

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The Concept Of ‘The Mechanics Of Wonder’ Steals The Show

The immersive performance ‘The Mechanics of Wonder’ is the exhibition’s centrepiece. Science is supposed to be transnational. It’s not uncommon for a breakthrough concept to go a long way before becoming effective technology. In truth, it was born somewhere else. It also highlights the innovative work of generations of Russian scientists and engineers, as well as their contribution to global progress.

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The Human Brain & Its Proficiency Are Applauded In The Russian Pavilion

The human brain is honoured in this show. Brain science is responsible for many of the most significant discoveries of the twenty-first century. These discoveries will have a profound impact on human consciousness and thinking and will change people’s lives forever. The more we learn about how the brain works, the more we admire it.

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The Human Brain’s Gigantic Sculpture Floats Majestically In A 13.5 Meter High Space

An interactive sculpture representing the human brain is part of this high-tech multimedia presentation. The pavilion’s third storey houses the 7.5-meter-long and 5.5-meter-high art items. It appears to float in a space that is 13.5 metres high. Representative offices of Russian technological businesses that employ various applied versions of artificial intelligence in their activities have their own section of the pavilion’s exposition.

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