58% Of Indian Travellers Book Tickets Before Securing Accommodation, Reveals Study

Indian travellers are a multifaceted group when it comes to crafting their adventures.

by Nikitha Sebastian
58% Of Indian Travellers Book Tickets Before Securing Accommodation, Reveals Study

Booking.com’s recent travel trends report sheds light on the fascinating diversity of Indian traveller planning styles.  This report demonstrates that Indian travellers are a multifaceted group when it comes to crafting their adventures. While over half (61%) prioritise securing the perfect flight deal first, others find comfort in booking their accommodation before solidifying the rest of their itinerary. This focus on flights could be due to factors like fluctuating flight costs within India or the desire to visit a specific location during peak season.

Culinary Delights A Priority

Indian Travellers
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However, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply. Roughly a quarter of Indian travellers seek a more comprehensive approach, booking numerous aspects of their trip simultaneously. This can encompass flights, accommodation, attractions, car rentals, restaurant reservations, and even taxis.

This trend highlights a growing desire for seamless travel experiences in India, where platforms offering all-in-one booking can simplify the planning process. The importance of food is undeniable for Indian travellers. When selecting accommodation, a significant portion (40%) are willing to splurge on a delectable breakfast spread.

Furthermore, more than half (54%) express interest in unique food experiences like food tours and cooking classes. This data underscores the burgeoning importance of food tourism in India, where travellers are increasingly seeking immersive culinary adventures.

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Embracing Flexibility And Surprise

Indian Travellers
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Not everyone plans meticulously. Nearly a third (13% to 33%) of Indian travellers exhibit a more flexible and spontaneous approach. They put off scheduling restaurant reservations, vehicle rentals, and taxis until after they have made their hotel reservations and closer to the dates of their vacation. This strategy allows them to discover hidden gems and local delights upon arrival at their destination, adding an element of surprise and exploration to their itinerary.

Train travel remains a popular choice for many Indian travellers, with more than half (58%) booking train tickets before securing accommodation. This ensures a smooth journey and avoids the stress of last-minute seat scrambling, particularly during peak travel periods.

Similar to flights, 37% of travellers prioritize booking event tickets before their accommodation. These events could be anything from a music concert to a highly anticipated sporting event. Securing tickets in advance guarantees that these experiences become a highlight of the trip.

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By understanding the diverse travel planning preferences of Indian travellers, the travel industry can adapt its offerings to cater to different needs. This includes providing a wider range of flexible booking options, along with promoting experiences that capitalise on the rising food tourism trend in India.

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