This Farm Near San Francisco Is Letting You Do Video Calls With Animals Like Llamas And Turkey

by Suchismita Pal
This Farm Near San Francisco Is Letting You Do Video Calls With Animals Like Llamas And Turkey

Having no option to step out, the only way we can meet people now is through video calls. In fact, that is what most of us are doing to ditch that lonely feeling during these home stuck days. But in case you’re too bored chatting with people, for a change, how about doing a video call with an animal? Hey, we aren’t kidding. This is actually happening. You can interact with multiple farm animals through one video call. Wondering how? Read on.

What Is It?

The non-profit sanctuary Sweet Farm has come up with a Goat 2 Meeting that will take you animal lovers on a live virtual tour through a farm, where you can meet their adorable animal ambassadors. It is located around 45-minutes away from San Francisco, located on the West Coast of the United States of America. The service will bring in front of your eyes turkeys, cows, the most asked about llamas and more through Google Hangout or Zoom. And though you’ll be charged some bucks for these videos, the entire money you spend will go for donations. So, that will be a good deed on your part too.

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What Else?

The call rates will vary, depending on the meeting size, the length of the call, and which animals you wish to see. The service has become so popular now, that some people wanting to be a part of it have been put on the waitlist. Yes, it’s that amazing. Sweet Farm has rescued more than 125 farm animals and there’s a special story behind each of them. You will get to hear the tales once you join the calls. The snoots, hoots and bleps of these paw-some creatures will melt every bit of your heart for sure.

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So, if this has got you excited, you definitely need to visit their website right away to book your slot. They might make you hold on for a while though, but some waits are worthwhile, aren’t they?