Now You Can Take A Virtual Meditation Class With A Sheep, Literally!

by Suchismita Pal
Now You Can Take A Virtual Meditation Class With A Sheep, Literally!

If you happen to be a hard-core animal lover, we have just found out the right kind of meditation for you. Airbnb has recently come up with some soothing virtual experiences, that include tours, bartending tips, coffee-making classes and whatnot! But there’s one programme they’re rolling out that’s absolutely first-of-a-kind. A meditation with a sheep! Yes, you read that right.

What Is It?

Four cuddly sheep Hamish, Dougal, Benny, and Lochie will come online to instantly lift up your moods. The chat will begin via zoom and the owner of the four furry babies, Beccy will start by feeding ‘the mischievous sheep in their cozy barn’. She will then take you on a short tour through the farmyard. The chirping of birds, the pottering of hens and the innocence of the four woollybacks will win your hearts for sure.

Picture Credits: NY Post

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What Else?

Guess the best part, they’ll come right in front of the camera asking for virtual snuggles. Their half-closed eyes and spotless tenderness will provide you with the right amount of calm you would require for a peaceful exercise. Once you are done playing with these creatures, Beccy’s daughter Rivkah, who also happens to be a yoga instructor, will take you through a mindful meditative session for about 15 minutes with the sounds of nature. You’ll get to learn some useful techniques that will help you de-stress in daily life. And the best part is, in the end, Lochie the sheep will again come back for more cuddles.

To take part in the experience, you simply need to visit the link.

Picture Credits: Airbnb

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Are you ready to wash off your lockdown blues with the charm of these aww-dorable creatures?