Luxury Hotel Brand Six Senses Is Bringing An Online Wellness Programme For Free To Keep You Fit

by Suchismita Pal
Luxury Hotel Brand Six Senses Is Bringing An Online Wellness Programme For Free To Keep You Fit

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While keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle and day-to-day responsibilities, it is not always possible for us to exercise on a daily basis.  But this lockdown phase has given us something which we always wanted to have but could hardly achieve – an ample amount of time.  Now that we have got the time, why not utilize it to the hilt to pull off something really productive, maybe getting back to shape all over again? This luxury hotel chain has come with a pathbreaking wellness programme for free to revolutionize your fitness regimen these quarantined days.

What Is It?

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has launched the virtual wellness programme called At Home With Six Senses, where top-notch wellness experts of the world are unveiling some great tips to ensure that you stay fit and balanced while at home. The entire programme is systematically divided into six categories- Mindfulness, Eat, Sleep, Move, Live Naturally, and Connect. Fitness stalwart Anna Bjurstam started off the first mindfulness session with a meditation series that intensifies self-love and empathy. She guided all fitness enthusiasts worldwide through a Facebook Live, right from her living room.

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What’s More?

By taking part in the programme, you can also scroll through some wellness articles and watch workout videos uploaded on And if you love cooking, the course is giving you the hang of some delish and healthy fitness recipes too.

Anything from Six Senses usually come with a heavy price tag, but these new virtual tools are available at absolutely no cost. And these tools are universal, available to anyone, residing in any part of the world.

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So, get out of your beds, do some workout, avoid junks, swear by healthy food, and make sure that you come out renewed and energised when you get back to normal life after this confined period.