This Farm Stay On The Backwaters Of Kerala Can Only Be Reached By A Boat

by Shreya Ghosh
This Farm Stay On The Backwaters Of Kerala Can Only Be Reached By A Boat

Travelling to Kerala at any time of the year is a wonderful experience. And to enjoy the most authentic and traditional experiences of Kerala, every tourist needs to include ‘Philipkutty’s Farm’ in their itineraries. The location of this farm stay is beyond imagination; right amidst the magic of nature. In Kerala, Philipkutty’s Farm is your home away from home. Let’s take a look at the stunning features of this quaint farm stay.

You Need To Ride On A Boat To Reach Philipkutty’s Farm

Nestled in the backwaters of Lake Vembanad, this property is standing on a farm island run by a caring family. To reach here, you need to travel on a boat and as soon as you step out of it, everything in front of you is an absolute sight to behold. Anu Mathew, her mother-in-law Aniamma, and her kids always stay on their toes to give the guests a cosy warm experience. Staying on this farm stay is surely a new unique experience, unlike what you have experienced in hotels. Surrounded by lush greenery, lines of banana trees, and coconut trees, you are always a step closer to nature.

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Anu and her family are providing such homely homestay experiences by taking inspiration from her late husband, Vinod. The farm stay comprises some independent waterfront villas designed by notable architects such as Karl Damscen and Thomas Dominic. The villas are designed beautifully with traditional touches and antique intricacies and decorations. All the villas feature a sit-out overlooking the backwaters.

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This Farm Stay Serves The Most Lip-Smacking Dishes!

Get ready to gorge on a spread of delectable foods prepared using ingredients right from the farm. They cultivate fruits and vegetables following organic methods of farming. The farm produce and fishes from the lake have a very fresh taste and that adds a new level of deliciousness to the grand feast. Aniamma cooks all the dishes with lots of love and you cannot help yourself from overeating and falling in love with the dishes.

The bonus of staying at this farm stay is that it is close to the airport, market, town and city, and some great tourist attractions.

So when are you visiting here?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Philipkutty’s Farm