This Glamping Spot In The Lush Forest Of Lansdowne Is The Getaway You Need

by Curly Tales Desk
This Glamping Spot In The Lush Forest Of Lansdowne Is The Getaway You Need

Living in a city can get monotonous after a point, and you might need a quick getaway to relax your nerves from this crowded city life. If you want to stay amidst nature but in a luxurious way,  try glamping in Lansdowne. Samskara and Samsara offers you a luxurious camping spot in the lush green forest of Lansdowne.

A Luxurious Glamping Spot

Luxurious Camping Spot
Credits: Samskara & Samsara

Samskara and Samsara are located in Kotdwar Road, Upper Gounu in Lansdowne. If you are looking for a luxurious getaway near Delhi. This camping spot is the perfect spot for you located just 5 hours away from Delhi. Samskara and Samsara offer its guests a comfortable bed with a seating area, a fan, an attached bathroom, and a cupboard. The stay is pet friendly as well. This glamping spot is equipped with a patio on both sides overlooking the lush green forest and mountains.

Who doesn’t want to stay here amidst the calming nature? The patio is a great place to hang out with your buddies or just work with the mesmerizing view of the lush green mountains of Lansdowne. The boutique stay also serves a large variety of breakfast food and drinks to its guests.

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The Lansdowne Bar

Samskara and Samsara offer their guests an exclusive bar in town. It was previously a cow shed that has been turned into a modern bar. The Lansdowne bar serves luxurious and delicious drinks and dishes. It is a popular hangout space for people staying in this boutique stay.

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Activities offered By This Boutique Stay

The Boutique stay offers Corbett Safari in Lansdowne, a first in the area. It is a jungle safari in open-air gypsies. They also arrange night stays for their guests at the government guesthouses. Packages including food, accommodation, and jungle safaris can be customized according to customers’ needs with unlimited halts to take photographs.

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Book your stay at Samskara and Samsara for a luxurious camping trip amidst nature.