This Hidden Gem In Mumbai Offers Black Cheese Pizza You Have To Try

black cheese pizza
by Shreya Ghosh
by Shreya Ghosh 259

You will get variations of experiments and unique food trends in most dishes these days. While some taste delicious, others are not appreciated that much. When it comes to pizza, such an innovation is the pineapple pizza and this has quite a love-hate fanbase. The newest unique innovation of pizza is ‘black cheese pizza’ by Pizza By Engineers. It is absolutely delicious and surely a must-try.

Pizza By Engineers Is A New Hangout Spot In Mumbai

Nestled in Andheri West, Pizza By Engineers is a few months-old eatery in Mumbai, and its amazing menu is its biggest highlight. The place opened its doors for the first time on Veera Desai Road on 8 May 2022. The ambience and vibes of this place are lively with some eye-catching paintings on the walls. This place features an open place seating arrangement with pretty cosy corners. It is surely a great place to hang out with your group of friends and have a great time while relishing lip-smacking dishes.

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Engineers Run This Pizza Place!

The name of the eatery clearly suggests that engineers are the backbone of this newly-opened place. Just like the name, the place has quite quirky things for the crowd. First is their servings for mocktails. They use measuring cylinders and flask-shaped glasses to serve mocktails to the crowd. Another stunning factor of this place is the discounts only for engineers. People who are pursuing engineering or who have already completed engineering can now enjoy great deals and discounts here. They are offering a flat 20% discount to all the engineers. Also, on buying a large pizza, you will get a free small pizza. All you need to do is show your ID card or your certificate.

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Their Menu Features Black Cheese Pizza!

Who would have thought that we will be eating black cheese one day? Well, it is true and you can grab a bite of black cheese pizza at Pizza By Engineers. This is surely quite a unique food experiment and we are sure that you will like to gorge on this pizza. Watching the black cheese oozing out from the platter of a black cheese pizza looks absolutely divine and it tastes delicious too! Some of the other delectable dishes from their menu are Peri Peri Fries, Momo Mania, Chicken Cheese Garlic Bread, and their range of mocktails. So, now you know where you have to visit to hang out and eat!

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