This Idli Maker In Chennai Made A Record Breaking 124.8 Kgs Idli

by Shreya J
This Idli Maker In Chennai Made A Record Breaking 124.8 Kgs Idli

Under 140 Characters 

With innovating 2000 varieties of Idlis and making it to Guinness Book of World Records for making a 124.8 kgs Idli, Mallipoo Idli has become a popular joint.

What Is It? 

 Started by an auto driver turned Idli expert, M. Eniyavan, this Chennai-based company serves 30 varieties of Idlis on a regular basis like Chocolate, Almond, Orange, Pizza, Pineapple, Coconut Flower, Tutti Frutti and Fresh Tender Coconut to satiate your taste buds.

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What’s In It?

However boring a plain white Idli looks, transforming them into shapes of a Kung Fu Panda, Mickey Mouse, Dinosaurs, Ducks and Fruits is an art in itself. They also dish out some nutritious options by grinding vegetables like beetroot, carrot and beans which elevates it from being a simple one to an explosion of flavours.

For all the fussy eaters out there, here’s a life saver.

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Mallipoo Idly Malli Anbagam, No. 26/51, 2nd Street, B Block, Ezhil Nagar, Chennai-600118, Tamil Nadu


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