THIS Indian Chocolate Brand Wins Over Chef Gary Mehigan’s Heart, Converting Him Into A Fan!

Join Chef Gary in celebrating the passion and expertise behind Manam Chocolate.

by Mallika Khurana
THIS Indian Chocolate Brand Wins Over Chef Gary Mehigan’s Heart, Converting Him Into A Fan!

Chef Gary Mehigan is currently on a delectable adventure in India, uncovering culinary treasures one trip at a time. Recently, he found himself at Naar Restaurant by Chef Prateek Sadhu, enchanted by many delicious creations. But his journey didn’t stop there. He embarked on yet another delightful escapade— this time to Hyderabad’s very own chocolate paradise, Manam Chocolate.

Chef Gary Mehigan’s Chocolate Quest In India


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In a recent Instagram post that has chocolate enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, Chef Gary unveils his newfound delight in Indian chocolate. He writes, “I’m probably too slow off the mark but my experience of Indian chocolate up to now hasn’t been the best but everything has changed.” Ah, the thrill of discovery! His words paint a picture of transformation, a shift in perception brought about by the exquisite offerings of Manam Chocolate.

He goes on to praise the meticulous craftsmanship behind each bar, crafted by passionate hands obsessed with the art of couverture. But what sets Manam apart isn’t just its delectable creations; it’s the story woven into every bite. 

Chef Gary highlights the brand’s commitment to ethical sourcing, partnering with Karnataka cocoa farmers and overseeing the entire process from bean to bar in Hyderabad. As he delves deeper into his experience, Chef Gary marvels at the Single Farm and Single Origin blocks.

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A Peek Inside Manam Chocolate Factory


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But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. Manam Chocolate isn’t just a factory. It’s a sanctuary for dessert aficionados, a realm where chocolate dreams come to life. Picture yourself stepping through the iconic tablet-shaped door, welcomed by the intoxicating aroma of cocoa. 

The air is alive with anticipation as you explore the wonders of Manam Chocolate. From the bustling cafe serving Indian-inspired global cuisine to the tantalising array of chocolate tablets, every corner is a feast for the senses.

And the best part? You’re not just a spectator in this chocolate symphony; you’re invited to partake in the creation process. With over 43 types of chocolate bars to choose from and the opportunity to craft your creations, Manam Chocolate promises an interactive experience like no other.

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So, whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or simply in search of a culinary adventure, Manam Chocolate beckons with open arms. Get ready to indulge your senses and ignite your passion for premium Indian craft chocolate. 

As Chef Gary declares himself an official fan, it’s clear that the sweet revolution has only just begun.

Cover Image Courtesy: Chef Gary Mehigan/Instagram