This Indian Couple Gave Up Their Toronto Home For A Campervan & Have Already Spent 7 Months On Road

Campervan Home
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 2368

How far would you go to live your passions? This Indian couple gave up their cosy home in downtown Toronto to live in a 44-year old vintage campervan and give wings to their love for travelling. Kartik Vasan and Smriti Bhadoria had shifted to Canada for studies some years ago. While Kartik bagged a job in the IT sector, Smriti cracked a digital marketing job. The couple who had been obsessed with the idea of living in a home on wheels, let go of their comfortable house and welcomed the coffee-hued campervan in 2018. As the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in 2020, they finally decided to hit the road for a dream journey with their dog, Everest. And they have already spent nearly seven months on road.

Picture Credits: @thebrownvanlife

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The Couple Works From The Campervan And Aims To Cover At Least 10 Countries

The campervan was a ‘love at first sight for Kartik and Smriti. They also have an Instagram handle dedicated to the campervan, with the name @thebrownvanlife. In 2020, they set the goal to start from Canada and travel across the United States to finally reach South America’s Patagonia covering at least 10 countries. And to live their nomadic life, they know how to perfectly strike a work-life balance. They start their work at around 6:30 AM and wrap up early, by around 2 PM, effectively meeting all the targets. Since they do their jobs well, their bosses don’t mind their wrapping up early. Post work, they get the entire day in hand to travel, indulge in thrilling hikes, watch sunsets, cook and do all the things they adore. They cook their food inside the campervan as well as on the beaches.

Campervan Home

Picture Credits: @thebrownvanlife

According to a CN Traveller report, Smriti said, “In 2013, I read about an old couple making a trip from Patagonia (in South America) to Alaska, and the idea just stuck. When I met Kartik in 2014, I bounced the idea off him and he took it very seriously. Before we knew it, our life goals started taking shape towards living in a caravan.” And as they said, while on their journey, they not only explored diverse landscapes, they met several kinds of people along the way. They had even unknowingly spent a night in an abandoned ghost town.

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The Campervan Has Kitchen, Fridge, Queen-Size Bed And More

The couple has equipped the campervan with facilities like a large kitchen, a fridge, storage racks, a queen-size bed and a 20-gallon water tank. Also, the campervan is powered by solar energy. Having said that, leading a full-time adventurous life inside a campervan comes with a few challenges too. Smriti said, “The only way to sustain the journey is to erase the bad moments and move on. You need to be a certain kind of person to do this. You have to be able to look at the bright side of things. If you have low patience and are demanding, this life is not for you.”

Campervan Home

Picture Credits: @thebrownvanlife

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The vehicle doesn’t have a toilet. They use options like gym memberships and outdoor solar showers for bathing and otherwise use washrooms of Starbucks, Shewee and gas stations. Also, when they near the end of basic supplies, they need to stay close to the city. But when something is done with love, overcoming the challenges becomes much easier.


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