This Indian Maharaja Hosted A ₹2 Crore Royal Wedding For His Favourite Pet Doggo, Roshanara!

Discover Muhammad Mahabat Khan, Maharaja of Junagadh's devotion to his canine companions.

by Mallika Khurana
This Indian Maharaja Hosted A ₹2 Crore Royal Wedding For His Favourite Pet Doggo, Roshanara!

In the tapestry of human history, there are stories that defy expectation, tales that paint a portrait of eccentricity and passion. Among these, few shine as brightly as the saga of the Nawab who loved his dogs supremely. Dogs, those faithful and furry companions of humanity, have woven themselves into the very fabric of our existence. They trot beside us through the annals of time, their loyalty unmatched, their love unwavering. And in the annals of eccentricity, one name stands out: Muhammad Mahabat Khan, Maharaja of Junagadh. His adoration for his canine companions knew no bounds.

Inside The World Of India’s Dog-Loving Nawab

junagadh nawab
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

It is said that the Nawab had an affinity for these four-legged creatures. His love for them also surpassed his regard for many of his fellow humans. He believed in the purity of their companionship, their unwavering loyalty, and their boundless capacity for love. While some may have found solace in the company of fellow rulers or esteemed dignitaries, the Nawab found his joy in the wag of a tail and the warm gaze of his beloved dogs.

His devotion knew no limits. Imagine a palace bustling not only with the regal affairs of the state but also with the playful antics of over 800 canine companions. Each dog, pampered beyond measure, had its own room, its own telephone, and even its own servant. For the Nawab, these were not mere pets but cherished members of his royal family.

But perhaps the pinnacle of his affection was reserved for his favourite, Roshanara. She was a canine beauty whose heart had been captured by a golden retriever named Bobby. When the Nawab discovered this canine courtship, he was overcome with joy. To celebrate this union of hearts, he orchestrated a spectacle unlike any other—a grand wedding fit for royalty.

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Maharaja Mahabat Khan’s 2 Crore Dog Wedding

Photo Credits: Animal Protection Foundation/Facebook

Picture it: the opulent halls of the palace, adorned with flowers and finery, as guests from far and wide gathered to witness the nuptials of two dogs. The bride was escorted to Durbar Hall in a silver palki, her path lined with adoring onlookers. Meanwhile, the groom, adorned in gold bracelets and a necklace befitting his station, arrived with a grand procession of 250 dogs. It was also accompanied by a military band and a guard of honour. 

But beyond the lavish ceremonies and extravagant displays, there lay a deeper truth to the Nawab’s affection for his canine companions. He was not only a lover of dogs but a champion of all creatures, both great and small. His efforts to preserve the endangered Asiatic lion and improve local animal husbandry are a testament to his reverence for the natural world.

The story of the dog lover Nawab is a celebration of the enduring bond between humans and their faithful companions. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and Animal Protection Foundation/Facebook

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