This Is How The New Labour Law Will Affect Your Working Hours And Annual Travel Leaves

by Shreya Ghosh
This Is How The New Labour Law Will Affect Your Working Hours And Annual Travel Leaves

The Parliamentary passed ‘new labour laws’ recently and it plays a role in the changes in employees’ working hours, paid leave days, and much more in every sector. They passed a total of 4 labour laws which are supposed to come into action from 1 July 2022. It is a huge step to manage and balance the work culture of today’s corporate world. The reforms of these laws will affect the ongoing working conditions, salary, pension, and everything related to the world of jobs.

This Is How The New Labour Laws Will Affect Your Work Life

  • Working Hours

The new labour laws state that the offices and companies do not have to restrict the working hours to 7-8 hours every day. They can increase the hours to even 12 hours each day. The expansion in work hours per day will not fall in place with the total working hours anyway. No one can change the week’s total working hours. So, if employees work for longer hours on some days, those hours will be deducted from the next day. It means that the company will have to give 3 offs on those weeks, instead of 2.

Labour Laws

  • Effect Of Labour Laws On The Eligibility For Leave

Previously the requirement for asking for leave was a minimum of 240 workdays in a year. It is now reduced to 180 workdays every year. It means that as per the new labour laws, employees with a work record of 180 days or more in a year are eligible to ask and take an off day. Meanwhile, the rule of 1 leave for every 20 workdays is still the same.

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  • Effect On Overtime

Employees can overtime till 125 hours in a quarter now. The limit was a maximum of 50 hours before and it changed in these new labour laws. Now, the employees can utilise this change and work extra way more than before and earn an extra good amount as well.

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  • How Will It Affect On Work From Home

Previously no one really focused on the concept of work from home (WFH), but everyone’s perspective on it has changed in the past 2 years. The central government now recognised this work situation in the draft model standing order. It is now relevant to all the service industries. Meanwhile, the companies should initiate new rules and guidelines for the WFH employees. It needs to focus on the difference between the specific working hours and the overtime.