UAE Labour Law: Everything You Need To Know About Sick,Annual and Maternity Leaves

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Labour Law: Everything You Need To Know About Sick,Annual and Maternity Leaves

Work-life balance in any job sector is essential for the overall health of an employee. The UAE has been very firm with its legal views related to maintaining the mental health of an employee. For that, the reservation of leaves in various situations is important. Hence employees across the country will be able to take annual, maternity, paternity, grief, and study leaves beginning February 2, 2022.

Annual Leaves

Every year, full-time public and private sector employees are eligible to a 30-day vacation. Employees who have worked for at least six months are eligible to two paid days off every month until the end of the year.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave will be 60 days in both sectors, with 45 days at full salary and an extra 15 days at half pay. For the first six months after giving birth, new mothers are eligible to one hour every day for breastfeeding once they return to work. Employees can combine their maternity leave with any other allowed vacation, and companies cannot fire a worker for taking maternity leave.


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Paternity Leave

Men can take up to five days of paternity leave, which can be used in any order or over the first six months after the kid is born.

Study Leave:

Employees who are in a UAE-accredited educational institution or university, whether within or outside the nation, are eligible to 10 days off each year for exams

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Mourning Leave

When a spouse dies, employees are entitled to 5 days off and 3 days off when a direct family member dies.

The federal decree law-33 will help to enhance employment rights in UAE. It will create more competitiveness in the Emirates as a place to live and work. Hence leading Dubai to attract and retain world-class talent.

The new law will aid businesses and allow part-time and flexible working arrangements in Emirates

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