UAE New Labour Laws: Same Leaves For Both Public And Private Sectors

by Shrestha Purkayastha
UAE New Labour Laws: Same Leaves For Both Public And Private Sectors

Under the new consolidated general regulations released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation on Monday, public and private sector employees would be entitled to the same types of leave. The new laws, enacted by Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2021, aim to merge the public and private sectors in order to create a more integrated, sustainable, and competitive labour market that gives employees across the country the same rights. Employees across the country will be able to take annual, maternity, paternity, grief, and study leaves beginning February 2, 2022.

Annual Leaves

Every year, full-time public and private sector employees are entitled to a 30-day vacation. Employees who have worked for at least six months are entitled to two paid days off every month until the end of the year.

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Maternity Leave

Maternity leave will be 60 days in both sectors, with 45 days at full salary and an extra 15 days at half pay. For the first six months after giving birth, new mothers are entitled to one hour every day for breastfeeding once they return to work. Employees can combine their maternity leave with any other allowed vacation, and companies cannot fire a worker for taking maternity leave.

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Paternity Leave

Men can take up to five days of paternity leave, which can be used in any order or over the first six months after the kid is born.

Mourning Leave

When a spouse dies, employees are entitled to 5 days off and 3 days off when a direct family member dies.

Study Leave:

Employees who are enrolled in a UAE-accredited educational institution or university, whether within or outside the nation, are entitled to 10 days off each year for exams.

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