UAE Has Revised New Labour Laws; Here’re The Laws For Those Working In The UAE

by Krishna Toprani
UAE Has Revised New Labour Laws; Here’re The Laws For Those Working In The UAE

On 15th November 2021, The UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, issued a new decree to regulate labour relations in the private sector across different work models, including part-time and temporary work, along with safeguarding employee rights and introducing new leaves policy, reports The Khaleej Times.

The Federal Decree Law no. 33 of 2021, regulating labour relations, will be effective in the private sector from February 2, 2022, and is the most significant amendment of its kind since the law’s establishment.

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What Do The New Laws Introduce?

  • The new law introduces 3-year contracts and conditions
  • It now officially employs teenagers over 15 years.
  • These new laws are a part of the government’s efforts to create a flexible and competitive work environment as the UAE prepares to embark on its journey towards the next 50 years.
  • The ministry will work to propose policies, strategies, and laws to encourage and motivate businesses to invest in the training and empowerment of workers.

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UAE’s New Work Models

  • A key change is the introduction of new forms of work under the law includes part-time work, temporary work, and flexible work.
  • Work models will now cover freelancing, condensed working weeks, shared job models, and self-employment.
  • In the condensed working week, employees can choose to finish their 40 hours in three days instead of one week as per the contract signed by both parties.
  • The shared-job model allows two people to share the same job and split the pay based on an agreement with the employer.
  • This article grants employees the flexibility to work on a project, hourly, or for different employers while enabling employers to harness different talents and competencies at lower operational costs.
  • The Executive Regulations of the law, which the ministry is currently working on, will specify the responsibilities of each party in each category, reports The Khaleej Times.

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