This Is How You Can Get An E-pass To Travel Across India During Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Is How You Can Get An E-pass To Travel Across India During Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown in India will reach a 50-day mark. And while some states like Karnataka and Kerala have started permitting some restrictions, like the opening of liquor stores, venturing out from 9 am to 7 pm, etc. Other states like Maharashtra and Gujarat continue to remain under stricture lockdown guidelines due to increase in coronavirus cases. However, citizens are still being urged to go out of their homes only if it’s absolutely necessary. But taking into consideration that people might have to venture out due to medical and other emergencies, central and state governments have permitted movement via e-pass services for citizens. E-passes will act as an indicator that a person has been given permission of movement for specific reasons. And one can secure them through local administrative authorities online.

E-pass To Travel Across India During Lockdown
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Need For An E-Pass

As the central government prepares a roadmap for lockdown 4.0 after May 14, lockdown e-passes will be introduced with more relaxations. The idea behind this is not just to ease travel restrictions in coronavirus safe zones but also address harassment complaints from domestic help in areas that are safe but still face tough lockdown norms, endangering the livelihood of locals. As per the Union Government, a detailed plan in this regard will be out later this week. However, the government has clarified that strict restriction will continue in COVID-19 red zones and containment zones. But for those of you who wish to set out of your home for medical or other emergencies, you can apply for online e-passes, which will be a swift and hassle-free process.

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Before You Apply For E-Pass Keep This In Mind

  • Any eligible individual or group can apply for the e-pass
  • Fill in all the compulsory details carefully and submit.
  • Before applying, keep the scanned copy of the requisite documents
  • Make sure you use an active mobile number to receive verification OTP.
  • An application reference number will be generated after successful submission of your application. Note down this application reference number to track your application status.
  • The movement e-pass will have your name, address, validity and a QR code.
  • While travelling, maintain a soft or hard copy of the e-pass and show it to the security personnel if required.

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Here’s a Complete List of State-wise Links for E-passes

  1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Nicobars districtNorth and Middle AndamanSouth Andaman – download the application form here.
  2. Andhra Pradesh: apply for an e-pass here 
  3. Assam: apply for an e-pass here 
  4. Bihar: apply for an e-pass here 
  5. Chandigarh: apply for an e-pass here 
  6. Chhattisgarh: apply for an e-pass here 
  7. Daman and Diu: apply for an e-pass here 
  8. Delhi: apply for an e-pass here 
  9. Goa. apply for a Travel Permit here and for Temporary Pass here.
  10. Gujarat:
    a) Write to the DC/Sub DM to seek permission to open factory/warehouse, movement of employees and cargo/truck.
    b) Include details such as Company name and factory address, line of business (specify why it is an essential commodity, names and copies of ID cards of the employees, any other specifications) and follow up with them.
    c) For any further queries, the person can call 079 2325 1900 to seek an update. Click here for DC numbers
  11. Haryana: apply for an e-pass here (apply for an e-pass in Gurugram here)
  12. Himachal Pradesh: Apply for an e-pass here. For a vehicle movement e-pass in Kangra, Kullu and Una, apply here
  13. Jammu and Kashmir: apply for an e-pass here 
  14. Jharkhand: apply for an e-pass here 
  15. Karnataka: apply for an e-pass here 
  16. Kerala: apply for an e-pass here 
  17. Ladakh: apply for an e-pass here 
  18. Madhya Pradesh: apply for an e-pass here 
  19. Maharashtra
    a) Learn more about operating a factory/plant during the lockdown here
  20. b) Apply for the movement of a restricted number of employees in Maharashtra (except Pune) here
    c) Apply for the movement of a restricted number of employees in Pune here.
  21. Meghalaya: apply for an e-pass here 
  22. Odisha: apply for an e-pass here 
  23. Puducherry: apply for an e-pass here 
  24. Punjab: apply for an e-pass here 
  25. Rajasthan: apply for an e-pass here 
  26. Tamil Nadu: apply for an e-pass here 
  27. Telangana: apply for an e-pass here 
  28. Uttar Pradesh: apply for an e-pass here 
  29. Uttarakhand: apply for an e-pass here 
  30. West Bengal: apply for an e-pass here
E-pass To Travel Across India During Lockdown
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So if you’d like to venture out of your homes for medical and other emergencies, do click on the links depending on the state you’re from and apply for your e-passes. However, we do recommend you to stay at home and stay safe. You can Tune Into I Love My India’ Series Which Will Take You On A Memorable Journey With Kamiya Jani