This Is India’s First Salon Owned & Run By Transgender People & It’s Gorgeous

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Is India’s First Salon Owned & Run By Transgender People & It’s Gorgeous

La Beauté & Style is not your ordinary salon. It’s extraordinary as it’s India’s first salon that’s run and owned by transgender people. Decked up in vibrant colours of the rainbow, Ghaziabad’s La Beauté & Style is co-founded by Aryan Pasha, India’s first transgender bodybuilder, lawyer and activist. Pasha launched La Beauté & Style to offer services to transgender customers and also provide employment to people of the community.

La Beauté & Style Co-Founded By India’s First Transgender Bodybuilder

Nestled in Ghaziabad NCR, near the Dilshad Extension region, La Beauté & Style would instantly leave you feeling warm and welcome. The aesthetic decor of rainbow colours aptly depicts what the salon stands for- inclusivity and diversity. This is India’s first salon that is owned and run by the transgender community. Pasha and his partner, renowned transgender activist Laxmi Tripathi received financial aid from the Pune-based Gravittus Foundation and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids.

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Offers Employment To People Of Transgender Community

La Beauté & Style is a unisex salon that focuses on offering salon services to not just the transgender community but everyone, irrespective of their gender. The transgender employees at the salon earn ₹30,000 per month and have a working space, where they can freely be themselves. Customers at the salon are pleased with the hospitable staff and the top-notch quality of services. Aryan Pasha aims to open many more branches of the salon across India to offer more employment opportunities to people of the transgender community.