This Is The Best Time For Indians To Travel To Thailand

by Shreya Ghosh
This Is The Best Time For Indians To Travel To Thailand

It is never a bad time to pack your bags and jet off to Thailand. It is hard to find people who do not have Thailand on their bucket list. And when it comes to Indians, most Indians’ first international destination is Thailand. This Asian country is a stunning place and you have a lot to explore here all throughout the year. But if you want to experience the best and enjoy everything in the best way possible, there is indeed a significant time that is the most perfect to travel here and enjoy the blissful weather.

The Best Time To Travel To Thailand

Weather is different at different times of the year and sometimes too much humid weather can lead to a bad experience. Also, budget is indeed an important factor in a holiday and it also changes with demand in different seasons. If you want to experience the best weather in Thailand, then the winter season is your travelling time. The weather is quite soothing and very comfortable. And the biggest treat to the eyes during this time is the magnificent lush greenery as the stunning backdrop. In fact, it is the ideal time to enjoy the authentic festivals of the country. The months from November to February are the most suitable to enjoy Thailand like never before. Unfortunately, everything gets very costly at this time because of visitors flocking to this tropical destination from all around.

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Avoid The Crowds During These Months!

If you want to enjoy Thailand without the hustle and bustle of the crowd in the high season, the months from March to June are a great time. It is true that the weather gets a bit humid during this time but it is the only time when you can enjoy Thailand without rainfall and avoid the peak season. In fact, you get to enjoy quite a few festivals as well, so this is a bonus too.

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If the budget is a concern, then we have the solution for that as well. Take a trip to Thailand under a specific budget during the monsoon season. The demand is comparatively lesser in this low season and you get to enjoy the biggest discounts on everything starting from hotels to flight tickets. If you are feeling to take a trip in the monsoons then July, August, and September are perfect.