This Is The Cheapest Day Of The Week To Book International Flights

International flight tickets
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Who doesn’t like getting flights at reasonable prices and saving some extra bucks? Let’s be honest; we all do! So, if you book tickets for your international flights on a specific day of the week, you are bound to save extra. And the cheapest day to book your international flights is Tuesday at midnight. They say that most airlines reduce the fares on Tuesday afternoons too.

How Can You Book The Cheapest International Flights?

Be flexible with your travel dates. Switch to the incognito mode to look for flights. Clearing the cookies before you look for flights also helps in lowering the fares. You can even use extra points that you win from using an airline service continuously. Along with that, try to book your flights from a country whose currency is cheaper that Indian Rupees. We are sure that this hack will help you save up on your international flight tickets.

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Which Days To Avoid While Booking Flights?

Tuesday will cost you less. However, you’ll find the most expensive flights on Fridays. And the cheapest day to book arrival tickets is Wednesdays. You can also use the VPN from another country while searching for your international flight tickets.

Where To Book Your International Flights?

Use the Skyscanner app to search for international flights. Use the other third-party app coupons to save some extra cash.


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A little research and planning can get you a long way! And did we tell you that booking your flight well in advance will be worth it! You can save on the money and invest in other luxuries during your international travel and have a better experience.

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