This Is The First Thing Flight Attendants Notice When Passengers Board The Flight

by Shreya Ghosh
This Is The First Thing Flight Attendants Notice When Passengers Board The Flight

When people say that the first impression is the last impression, this statement actually works when you are travelling on a flight. When you are boarding the flight and entering the aircraft, the flight attendants greet and welcome you aboard. Well, this is not the only thing they do. They notice small details about you and assess if you can be helpful in any instances. They notice everything from how you interact to what you wear and stay on the lookout for what they can know about the passengers on board.

Flight Attendants Notice These Things When Passengers Board The Flight

They Notice If Any Passenger Is Physically Fit

When someone strong and physically fit enters the plane, some flight attendants take note of that person mentally and try to remember where his/her seat number is. They notice muscular people because these passengers can help in times of any attack or emergency. If they feel ready to help in dire situations, then these flyers can be very helpful and a massive resource to tackle the condition.

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Flight Attendants Notice If The Flyer Is Anxious Or Nervous

Flight attendants know how to calm scared passengers on the flight. Getting nervous is a common thing while traveling on a plane, especially for first-timers. And the crew makes sure to help them in such times. So, the flight crew keeps an eye to notice such travellers.

They Notice If Any Travellers Are Drunk

Flight attendants specifically check if any passenger on the flight is intoxicated. These people can cause a lot of trouble once the flight takes off so the crew makes sure to notice them and refuse them to enter the plane. Such passengers can cause unnecessary problems and no crew wants that inside the aircraft.

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Flight Crew Checks If Someone Is/Was An Airline Crew Employee

Flight attendants try to notice these people as they can be very helpful and a massive resource in times of in-flight emergencies. Cabin crew members are well trained to handle any unfortunate situation. And airline employees are the most responsible ones to join the attendants and help.