You Should Always Ask Your Flight Attendant Before Changing Seats And Here’s Why

by Shreya Ghosh
You Should Always Ask Your Flight Attendant Before Changing Seats And Here’s Why

While travelling by flight, we often think of changing our seats. Many times we notice empty seats ahead or beside us and we wish to shift there and enjoy a comfortable journey. Well, things do not work like that inside a flight. If you think to change seats, informing the fight attendants is a must. No crew member will allow anyone to sit wherever they want on a plane and changing seats can lead to a huge accident.

Here’s Why You Should Always Ask Your Flight Attendant Before Changing Seats

Weight Is A Huge Factor In A Plane

Weight plays a massive role in the stability of the flight. Even balancing a plane is dependent on the weight inside the plane. Weight and balance together come into action and if these are not maintained properly, there are chances that the plane will not take off properly or even may crash. Flight gets uncontrollable in such cases and accidents can occur. Flight attendants follow a procedure of ‘weight and balance’ to ensure the correct balance and weight before taking off. So when you are changing seats, it affects the balance. For everyone’s safety, make sure to let the attendants know that you want to change seats.

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The situations can get very critical and dangerous because of an improper change of weight and balance. Pilots can face problems when they rotate the aircraft due to disrupting weight distribution. Changing seats in a non-crowded flight might seem very simple, but in reality, it is a major problem and can lead to unfortunate accidents. In fact, the flight can even turn upside down. It doesn’t really seem this extremely serious from the outside but a lot can happen just for a single mistake.

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If you want to change seats on an empty plane, you can surely do that. In fact, you can sit on a new seat without harming the flight. All you need to do is ask the flight attendant about it. A flight attendant recently uploaded a video on this topic and shared that it is completely fine to change seats but it is important to ask the attendants first.