Flight Attendant Shares 5 Must-Dos Every Time You Walk Into A Hotel Room

by Shreya Ghosh
Flight Attendant Shares 5 Must-Dos Every Time You Walk Into A Hotel Room

It is very important to stay cautious when you are travelling and safety is the biggest concern when you are travelling alone. No matter if you are exploring outside or sitting inside a hotel room, staying safe and knowing everything is very crucial. Even in the hotel rooms, you might face difficulties so here are some tips shared by a flight attendant that makes sure that you are staying safe in your hotel room. Also, these steps are not a hard and fast rule for every person but no one should neglect such things so simply.

5 Must-Dos Every Time You Walk Into A Hotel Room

Always Prop Open The Door

When you are entering your hotel room for the first time, make sure to prop open the door. It is a good thing to prop open the door. There have been many instances with people when they saw guests inside the hotel room who haven’t checked yet or anyone else’s luggage. If somehow, you get the wrong key from the reception, this helps.

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Check If The Mobile Works

Make sure to check whether your mobile works properly inside the hotel and the room. You never know at what moment you will need someone’s help or assistance. The world runs on a mobile and it is a mandatory thing to take care of. Check if it has enough battery, network, internet connection, and necessary details.

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Check The Washroom

It is not unknown that how fast diseases can spread from using an unhygienic washroom. Thousands of people face the problem of getting a not-so-properly cleaned washroom in many hotels. So you need to check it thoroughly before you use it. Also, see if the towels have any stains. Stains mean unclean towels and you need to get rid of that ASAP!

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Check The Hotel Bed

After travelling all around and a strenuous journey, you will surely need to rest and relax. And for unwinding, you will rest on the bed. But what if the bed is not cleaned properly? Make sure to check the corners of the bed, covers, pillows, and sheets. Chances are that the staff did not wash everything cleanly and it is something that you will not want after a tiring day. So, complete all these checking things right after entering the hotel room.

Check All The Drawers

Drawers and wardrobes are some places that most people do not really notice. These small things can turn out to be a big problem so make sure to check the drawers too. In fact, the places near the TV and room decor should be checked thoroughly. If you see any small things left in any corner of the hotel room, take no time to understand that the staff did not clean the room as you expected them to do.