This Is What Success Means For Neeru Bajwa!

“Living life on my own terms”

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is What Success Means For Neeru Bajwa!

Everyone’s success stories are vastly different and exciting. So is knowing what success truly means to someone. On this mega Sunday Brunch episode, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, talked about success with Jatt & Juliet co-stars, Neeru Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh. Watch the fun-filled video linked below to know what Kamiya gifted to the Lover singer, Diljit.

According To Neeru Bajwa, What Is Success?

While we were having in-depth conversations about life and our guests’ wishlists, Kamiya asked about their definition of success. Neeru answered, “For me, success is like living life on my own terms and that is what success means to me.” She emphasised that she will always strive to move forward in her life in the manner she wants to as she isn’t afraid of anyone.

Neeru added that she is comfortable in her skin and confidently faces the world and flashing cameras without hiding her true self. This is also what is success for her. As a woman, being independent and living life to the fullest without giving a second thought to societal norms and patriarchal biases makes life more comfortable.

This profound answer made Kamiya point out that with this outlook Neeru has managed to break a lot of stereotypes about being a working mom after her marriage. It is always wonderful to see women thriving, happy and living their best lives.

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She Felt Suffocated Due To This Reason


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Kamiya was curious to learn more about Neeru smashing stereotypes and accomplishing success as a Canadian actress in Punjabi films. She asked Neeru if she actually felt free from these societal expectations. Neeru revealed to us that earlier she used to feel suffocated because she projected herself as a proper Punjabi actress, by the book. She wasn’t true to herself and didn’t get contentment from her roles.

She said that Diljit once advised her that it was better if she would just be herself on-screen. After that, she realised that she wanted to be her true self in her professional life as well. Since then, she hasn’t changed for anyone!

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