This Is Why Travelling Makes Long-Distance Relationships Stronger

How far will you go to be with the one you love? Not metaphorically, literally? Before we start talking about long-distance relationships, let’s establish what ‘long-distance’ actually means. We aren’t talking about Dubai-Ras Al Khaimah, or Dubai-Abu Dhabi; we are talking about Dubai-New York, or could even be Dubai-London.

There are quite a few drawbacks of being in a long-distance relationship. Like it involves a lot of compromises, adjustments, random sleep patterns, ability to trust blindly, and if the other half is in a different time-zone, then the World Clock becomes the most frequently visited widget on your phone. The pluses, however, are you always get to travel when it’s time to meet after that one-month or half-yearly hiatus. And that’s what makes these relationships last longer. Disclaimer: However, this might not guarantee a happily ever after, but make the most of it while it lasts.

‘Meet Me Half Way’

One of the best things about living in different continents is that you can always pick a new country to meet in. The thrill of travelling to a new destination, and exploring it with your partner is an experience in itself. You get an opportunity to make new memories and bridge the gap. However, if you decide to visit your partner in your home town, the feeling of being a local guide for a loved one is amazing. You get to take them to some of your favourite places and capture moments that only found mention in the postcards that were exchanged.

Spontaneity Is The Key

‘Hey baby, I miss you. I’ll see you tomorrow!’ I agree that any kind of trip does require a lot of planning to make sure that it is executed properly. But have you ever experienced the thrill of packing your bags in two hours and catching flight to see your partner? It’s amazing! And then having a Bollywood moment, where he/she is there to receive you at the airport/ train station/ bus stop, that feeling is ecstatic. Last minute plans do end up burning a hole in your pocket, but its totally worth it. One day trips snowball into a drive to a nearby destination that further graduates to plans for another trip.

Everyday Is A Celebration

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, NYE, or just another weekday, it’s a celebration always. When in a long distance relationship or marriage, you don’t really need find an excuse for a celebratory trip. It’s a celebration when you meet. When one person makes an extra effort to make time to travel all the way, it shows how invested they are. IT MATTERS!

When on the move, while a lot of things go right, there is a possibility of things going wrong as well. Of all the travel journeys that you embark on, there is a very high possibility that some might just have a few hiccups. Being able to tackle those problems together, on-the-go, helps in creating a better understanding. There is a possibility of a fall-out as well, but hey, look at the bright side, you explored a new country, and the best way to end it, is to book a flight back home!

Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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