This Karak Ice Cream In UAE For Just AED20 Is A Must-Try

by Ishita Agarwal
This Karak Ice Cream In UAE For Just AED20 Is A Must-Try

You have heard about Karak a lot in UAE, right? No, what about Karak ice cream in UAE for dessert? Confused? We are talking about the BBQ stations all around UAE which are offering Karak ice cream. Share this with your Karak squad and enjoy this amazing dessert with your friends. Let’s check out more about this interesting ice cream in UAE. 

A New Must Try Ice Cream For Just AED20

We are talking about Karak Ice Cream in UAE at BBQ stations across UAE. Guess what? You can enjoy this delicious ice cream for only AED20. So if you are a Karak lover, this is heaven for you! It pairs beautifully with the spices and flavour of the Karak and has a pleasant flavour. 

We like the Karak’s distinctive appearance and pouring manner more than its flavour. Don’t forget to taste some of the amazing flavours of this ice cream. We loved the Cardamom flavoured Karak ice cream. 


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Enjoy This Amazing Desert In The Scorching Heat Of the UAE

You cannot miss out on this while you are in the UAE, whether you want to have your cup of Karak while driving or when relaxing by the café with some snacks or tea. In light of this, BBQ stations across UAE are a sanctuary for all tea connoisseurs and provide chai-full Karak ice cream. 

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