This Kochi Couple Travelled To 26 Countries In 14 Years By Selling Tea

by Shreya Ghosh

Who doesn’t dream of travelling to new places and exploring the world? Well, we often take a step back from our dreams because of our work and of course to save money for the future. But for those who really have the hunger and passion to embark on memorable journeys and explore the world, no one can stop them. And this Kochi couple is an inspiration for millions. Here’s a Curly tales exclusive video of this couple who are true globetrotters.

This Kochi Couple Explored 26 Countries In 14 Years

You don’t need a fancy job or massive business to save and travel. This couple from Kochi, Mr Vijayan and Mohana Vijayan sustained their whole life from their tea shop and also travelled around the globe and ticked off places from their bucket lists. Starting the remarkable journey in 1998, their first destination was Tirupati. Soon they began to travelling to touristy Indian destinations such as Kashi, Kailash, Char Dham, Punjab, Kanyakumari, Palani, Madhira, and more.

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The Kochi couple started their tea stall Shree Balaji Coffee House in 1995 by selling a cup of tea for just ₹5. They sold about 300 cups of tea every day making ₹1,500. They made sure to save ₹300 from their daily earnings so that they could fulfill their dreams of exploring the globe. In fact, they took loans to fund their trips.

From Asia To Europe, The Duo Explored It All!

Kochi couple
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Going on international trips surely cost a bomb but the Kochi couple made it possible with their daily earnings from the tea stall and taking loans. Saving about ₹3 lakhs, they began planning for their overseas holidays. Vijayans flew on their first international vacation back in 2008 and they didn’t look back. But there came a moment when the loans started increasing and this is when they started getting sponsors for their trips. They jetted off to Australia, New Zealand, and Russia, and these were all sponsored.

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The Vijayan couple’s last trip was to Russia in September 2021 as Mr. Vijayan passed away after this trip. But this didn’t stop her. She is determined to continue traveling and fulfill their dreams of travelling around the world. Her perseverance is truly inspirational.

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