This Large Tandoori Platter At ₹1500 In Mumbai Is A Real Feast For Foodies

by Shreya Ghosh
This Large Tandoori Platter At ₹1500 In Mumbai Is A Real Feast For Foodies

You can now gorge on a massive tandoori platter at just ₹1500 in Mumbai. A restaurant in Mohammad Ali Road named ‘Mashaallah Cuisine’ is serving this enormous platter of delicacies to the visitors. It is quite simple to understand that it is not the job of 1 to 2 people to finish this humongous platter. So tag along with your friends and family and dive into this gastronomic delicacy in Mashaallah Cuisine.

The Tandoori Platter Is A Feast Of Appetising Foods

The platter of this restaurant offers so much of delicacies that you will feel confused about what to eat and what not to.  Mashaallah Cuisine’s tandoori platter is covered full of tikkas, seekh kebabs, chicken tandoori, and rumali rotis. You will feel the richness and a burst of flavours in each and every bite. You will need at least 3-4 people with you to wipe out the platter.

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The menu of this restaurant on Mohammad Ali Road is huge and you can try on their most remarkable dishes too. Their servings come in good quantity and are wallet-friendly too. Curly Tales visited this place and loved everything about the place. So if you are in Mumbai or visiting anytime soon, you can check out Mashaallah Cuisine to indulge and relish the yummiest and mouth-watering tandoori platter, Mughlai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Noth Indin cuisine, and much more.