This Homegrown Startup Delivers Beautiful Cheese Platters To Spice Up Cocktail Dinners At Home

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1878

The pandemic has completely changed the way we dine and celebrate. While the essence of parties and dining remains the same, the gatherings have become more intimate, and the location? Well, there’s no place like home, right? So, if you have been hosting romantic candlelight dinners at home or cocktail parties with family, then we know just how to spice it up. Enter The Theatric Platter. This homegrown business delivers beautiful eco-friendly platters of exquisite cheese, fruit, crackers, spreads and meat to elevate cocktail hour. Pair their delicious treats with your wine, and get the party started. They are currently delivering platters only in Mumbai and Delhi. Read on to know more about them. 

The Theatric Platter Serves Eco-Friendly Platters Curated With Local Ingredients

Helmed by Preeti Rathod, The Theatric Platter was born from her ardent passion for food, styling and hosting. This eco-concious grazing brand has a unique take on the traditional buffet with an attention to detail. The Theatric Platter strives to elevate your cocktails by providing sumptuous food sourced locally from ethical homegrown brands; using 100 per cent local ingredients instead of imported ones. Their 100 per cent eco-friendly products come in tastefully decorated packages with zero usage of plastic in their packaging.

the theatric platter

Picture Credits: Local Samosa and The Theatric Platter

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Small Platters For Intimate Gatherings

When you host intimate gatherings at home, you want to keep the conversation flowing, just like your wine. Small bites like crispy crackers and dip, a variety of cheese or fresh fruits are not only perfect wine pairings but also elevate your cocktail parties. The Theatric Platter delivers small platters or boats for guests to enjoy bite-sized food and dips. Their wholesome breakfast platter comes with fluffy croissants, bagels, cookies, fruits and more. For a Mediterranean feast, opt for the Lebanese platter. Let the falafel, hummus, assorted olives and fresh salad transport you to the Middle East. These are just two of them, you can order a lovely platter of your choice depending on the wine,  party theme or just the mood.

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Table Grazing For Large-Scale Events

Table Grazing is an innovative trend that’s slowly catching up in India.  It requires no cooking or even waiters to serve you food.  A large table is elegantly set up with cheese, crackers, spreads, meat fruits and more. Guests can enjoy bite-sized food while mingling over drinks and conversations. The table looks Insta-worthy and visually stunning. The Theatric Platter sets up grazing tables for your large events and gatherings having over 45 guests. With different food themes like Thai, Seafood, Mexican and Mediterranean or cheese, they replace massy catering services with more private, elegant experiences.

the theatric platter

The Theatric Platter

So, the next time you want to host a fun cocktail hour at home or a large party to celebrate an occasion, get beautiful cheese platters and grazing tables delivered to your location in Mumbai and Delhi. Bring in the oomph to your gatherings!

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