This Magnificent View Of Himachal Taken From A Delhi-Kullu Flight Will Leave You In Awe

by Shreya Rathod
This Magnificent View Of Himachal Taken From A Delhi-Kullu Flight Will Leave You In Awe

Nature is full of wonders that humans can never understand. Whether it’s the Aurora Borealis or Victoria Falls, there are so many natural marvels that we sometimes forget the quotidian creations around us. Recently, a video of a beautiful sight was posted on Twitter. It has got more than a million views and is going viral. This magnificent view of Himachal from a flight, will leave you speechless.

Scenic View Of Himachal From A Flight Goes Viral On Social Media

The video of the beautiful electric blue sky was posted on Twitter by Siddhart Bakaria, and got more than 9.9 million views. It showed the most picturesque view of hills and water flowing through. The hills were covered with clouds, and they looked beautiful. This video is of Himachal Pradesh and was taken from a Delhi to Kullu flight. Further, Sidharth Bakaria captioned the tweet as ‘magnificent morning view’. He is an environmentalist and entrepreneur and is associated with non-profit activities. Also, he mentions that this was originally shot by Ishita Kaul, a photographer. She has even posted a similar video on her Twitter account.

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Netizens Flood Comments Section With Awe-Inspired Messages

People on social media are having an ‘Aww’ moment, looking at the spectacular view. Words like ‘incredible’, ‘splendid’, ‘awesome’, ‘enchanting’ and more are flooding the comment section. One user wrote ‘love the view of mountains, and they are immense’. While another person wrote that he will never forget his first flight. One of the users even commented that it almost looks like a painting.

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This beautiful sight has left us wanting to see more such spectacles. Do you also like to book window seats on your flights to witness the beautiful skies? Comment below and tell us what you think of such spectacular views.

Cover Image Courtesy: Siddharth Bakaria/ Twitter