Man’s Video Of Tricking Food Delivery Apps Into Refund Goes Viral; Receives Flak

by Shreya Rathod
Man’s Video Of Tricking Food Delivery Apps Into Refund Goes Viral; Receives Flak

Ordering from food delivery apps is our answer when we don’t want to cook. But when you receive a wrong order or poor-quality food, there are helplines to replace the order or get a refund. However, some people misuse and abuse this facility. Vlogger Sachin Awasthi (@isachinawasthi) recently posted a video on his Instagram account of people who ask for refunds from food delivery apps. Look at the video and the reaction it has received.

Viral Food Refund Video on Instagram


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Sachin Awasthi, a vlogger, posted a video of him imitating people who ask for a refund from delivery apps. This video starts with him sending a picture of his order to the delivery app helpline. Further, he is seen speaking on the mobile with the executive, “The food is smelling weird, and I want my refund. It may not look weird in the photo but it doesn’t smell good”. All while eating his delivered order. You can see the hilariousness that he is trying to portray. However, people have their own views and take on this viral video.

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Can It Be More Unethical?

People reacted strongly to this video and showed their disappointment. One of the users advised him to not make or promote such content as it may affect the delivery executive and restaurant. Another person wrote that people should not commit such acts unless it is genuine. Further, many people thought it was unethical to do such fraudulent acts. Also, this is one of the reasons why businesses in India don’t grow.

The video has shown a hilarious side of the food delivery business. However, we should be responsible as consumers and not dupe restaurants or food delivery apps for our own benefit. Anyways, what did you think of this act? Comment below and let us know.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Sachin Awasthi/ Instagram