Viral Video: A Man Sings Aayiye Aapka Intezar Tha And Greets A Zomato Delivery Boy With Aarti Ki Thali

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video: A Man Sings Aayiye Aapka Intezar Tha And Greets A Zomato Delivery Boy With Aarti Ki Thali

Getting your food delivered on time is a miracle in this festive season. With immense demands and extreme traffic, delivery agents often get late while delivering orders. It is absolutely not anyone’s fault as the crowd outside is huge because of the celebrations such as Durga Puja, Navratri, and Dussehra. A Delhi man had to wait for an hour for his Zomato order. His reactions after receiving the parcel from the Zomato delivery boy stole everyone’s heart.

A Man Sings Aayegi Aapka Intezar Tha For The Zomato Delivery Boy

Delhi faced huge traffic jams everywhere in the city because of Dussehra celebrations. It is quite common during the festive season. A man named Sanjeev Kumar had to wait for an hour to receive his food delivery. He ordered his dishes from Zomato and could not contain his excitement after receiving the parcel. Mr. Sanjeev waited at the door of his house with an Aarti ka Thali for the Zomato delivery boy. After the delivery agent came to his doorstep, he sang the iconic Kumar Sanu Hindi song Aaiye Aapka Intezar Tha and greeted him. He also put a tika on the delivery guy’s forehead.

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He uploaded the video on his Instagram (@sanjeevkumar220268) with the caption, ‘Getting your order despite “Dilli ka traffic”. Thank you Zomato 😭.’


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The Video Of Greeting With Aarti Ka Thali Is Making Rounds On Social Media

The Zomato delivery boy was very happy after he saw all these preparations for him. Such a sweet heartwarming gesture by Mr. Sanjeev has impressed the Netizens as well. The comment section under the video is full of positive reactions and appreciation for him. We often see people behaving poorly with the delivery agents if they get late. Meanwhile, such gestures as Mr. Sanjeev’s are really wonderful to see. Instagram users are loving the video and are sharing it every day. Within a day of uploading, the video currently has over 1.2 million views, more than 117K likes, and hundreds of comments.

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We absolutely loved watching the video and the reactions. What about you?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Sanjeev Tyagi (@sanjeevkumar220268)