Zomato Gives Killer Reply To Pakistan Food Delivery Application After They Troll India For Defeat

by Shreya Ghosh
Zomato Gives Killer Reply To Pakistan Food Delivery Application After They Troll India For Defeat

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is nothing out of the blue. During cricket matches between these two neighbouring countries, the citizens become so excited to witness the clash and stay glued to the screen wishing their team to win. In the recent match of the Asia Cup last Sunday, Pakistan defeated India and this started a meme war on social media. Careem Pakistan uploaded a meme on Twitter to troll the Indian cricket fans and Zomato replied back with a killer comeback.

Careem Pakistan Takes A Dig At India For Defeat!

India’s food deliberately app Zomato and Pakistan’s food delivery app Careem were caught in a meme war after Careem Pakistan used this opportunity to remark on India for losing the match against Pakistan. The company shared a still of Babu Bhaiya from the famous Bollywood movie Hera Pheri and tagged Zomato in that meme. The still had the words, ‘Yeh toh kisi ke rone ki awaaz hai (it is the sound of someone crying). Careem uploaded the meme with the caption, ‘Humney tou order k lye phone kia tha @zomato 👀’ (we called for order).

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Zomato Gives A Killer Reply To The Troll!

Zomato hit back at Careem Pakistan and gave a great reply. The food delivery company tweeted back with, ‘Meme template tou apne use karo’ (use your own meme template at least) as Pakistan’s food delivery company used a snippet from a Bollywood cult movie. Zomato’s fiery and witty response has over 23K likes and lots of supportive comments under the tweet.

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Netizens are quite enjoying the rivalry between Zomato and Careem Pakistan. After the trolling and meme war on Twitter, internet users also shared some hilarious memes and reactions. Here are some fun memes from the meme war between Twitter users of India and Pakistan.