This Malaysian Welsh Corgi Dog Rates Food With Its ‘Hungry Eyes’

by Vinita Jain
This Malaysian Welsh Corgi Dog Rates Food With Its ‘Hungry Eyes’

In the current social media world, we can see every other person turning into a critic, whether it’s about movies or food. But how about a dog giving ratings? You might have come across videos where food bloggers post food review videos. But, have you ever seen doggo rating food items? Yes, you read that right. A Malaysian Welsh Corgi dog rates food through her eyes. If you’re wondering, how a dog rates food items, then check out this video:

Dog Rates Food: Check Out The Pawsome Video

Known as Biscuit, the Malaysian Welsh Corgi dog is a fun-loving, enthusiastic, and adorable pet. Biscuit expresses her reactions through her hungry eyes. You can see in the above video, that Biscuit tasted melon, watermelon, broccoli, dragon fruit, durian, and some biscuits. Well, according to her hungry eyes and speed of gulping we can sense that she absolutely loved all of them.

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In fact, the owner captioned the video as “I still haven’t found anything that Biscuit doesn’t like to eat (she did previously spit out Basil leaves, but ate it when cooked a different way). She’s an absolute angel to cook for because she makes all of my food look so delicious”.

Netizens loved her cute reactions. Since the video was shared, it has received more the 75K likes and several fun comments. One user commented, “You are so adorable Biscuit”. Another commented, “She liked the durian??”

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Biscuit Didn’t Like Lemons And Basil Leaves

In one of the old videos, Biscuit tasted lemon and her hungry eyes and cute body language depicted that she hated the sour taste of lemon. The owner captioned the video: “We finally found the second thing that Bisky does not like to eat – LEMON (the other being Basil leaves, which we discovered when we made her pet-friendly Phở)”.

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Well, did you also like Biscuit’s food reactions? Do let us know.

Cover image courtesy: Welsh Corgi Instagram