This Mohali Girl Is Running A Chat Stall To Support Her Education; Internet Lauds

by Sushmita Mahanta
This Mohali Girl Is Running A Chat Stall To Support Her Education; Internet Lauds

Receiving quality education is everyone’s human right but it comes with a cost! But not every individual in India is born with a golden spoon! Yet chasing her dreams, is a young Mohali girl who runs a chat stall to support her education! A recent video uploaded by Instagram food blogger Harry Upal reveals a girl busy selling her items in a chaat stall in Mohali, Punjab. The girl reveals that she has been doing it to pay for her education and says that every item she sells, from papdi chaat, aloo tikkis, dahi bhalle and gol gappas, is made by her. The video went viral in no time and netizens have showered the comment section with love and respect for the Mohali girl! Read on to know more about the heartfelt viral video that is winning everyone’s heart of late!

The Video Of The Mohali Girl And Her Chaat Stall Has More Than 7.3 Million Views

On July 13, food blogger Harry Upal shared a video of the Mohali girl who is supporting her own education with the help of her chaat stall, on Instagram. The video opens up to the food blogger questioning the girl about what led her to open her chaat stall. The Mohali girl reveals how she was actually doing a job before opening her stall but later when things didn’t turn out right she opted to create her own income source by opening the chaat stall. She reveals that her family was a little hesitant at first about her doing such a job but later they started supporting her. Well, a job is a job. And if your cooking skill is letting you earn as well, that’s totally amazing! The Mohali girl also reveals how she makes all the items of her stall herself from scratch! Her stall has papdi chaat, aloo tikkis, dahi bhalle and gol gappas. So the next time you visit Mohali, do not miss out on her chaat stall!

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Woman Should Feel Comfortable To Start Any Business They Like, Says the Internet

Once the video of the Mohali girl and her chaat stall got viral, Instagram users have been flocking to the comment section. Most of them are inspired by the young girl and are seen praising her for being brave and self-sufficient! But most users are seen focusing on how women empowerment also means being comfortable doing whatever business a woman likes. Be it being a pilot, or running a chaat stall to support one’s education, every job and woman should be equally respected. And we can’t agree more. One of the user’s wrote, ” Women should feel comfortable to start any business they like.” Another one said, “Once her education is completed she’ll realize that this stall is much better than many other jobs she will get.”

Well, we wish her all the best for whatever she does in the future, you go girl!