This Mumbai Cafe Run By Differently-Able People Will Win Your Hearts

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 134

The hospitality industry of India has set new bars by helping adults suffering from Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). It is often seen that the community treats them differently but now, society is changing and people rather than treating them differently have started treating them special. Café Arpan has a very similar proposition as this café is run by adults suffering from Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism. This café was set up by Yash Charitable trust in 2018. Yash Charitable Trust is an NGO that helps in developing skills and in providing livelihood opportunities to people with IDDs since 2014.

How It Works?

Firstly, the counseling sessions are set for these individuals, where the counselors associated with Yash Charitable trust understand them. After that, there are two criteria, they should be adults and they should be capable of independently using the washroom. Then they are trained at the skill development centers. According to their capabilities, the training time period is decided.

Later these adults are given the choice, like where they want to work. Like are they interested in cooking or serving? If cooking then they are taught a few recipes with the help of pictographic charts. The kitchens do include 2 support staff. The whole vibe of Café Arpan is very wholesome, homely, and friendly, where they can put up their queries without hesitating.


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Where Did The Idea Originate From?

The idea of Café Arpan originated from the Puzzle Café Philippines. A family in the Philippines created such kind of café for their son and other people suffering from autism so that they can have a safe and secure future. Makers of Café Arpan reached out to them for some tips and tricks to get into this new venture.

They started a Dabba service called Arpan food services in 2015. At that time they had only 3 individuals but within the period of 2 years, the team members’ strength rose to 15 which then made the need for them to open a Café. So, they started the whole crowdfunding process, and today here they are with a team of 21 members.

The highlight of this café remains the lively environment. Interaction with these honest individuals can make your day. So, opt for this place in Santacruz, Juhu for some quality time and a delicious meal.


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