This Restaurant In Mumbai Is Offering a Five-Course Mango Meal, You Can’t Miss!

by Shreya Ghosh
This Restaurant In Mumbai Is Offering a Five-Course Mango Meal, You Can’t Miss!

The summer season is unbearable and hardly have anything to enjoy. The only grand highlight of the summer season is the arrival of mango in the market. Who doesn’t love to taste the best of summer with mangoes? ‘Nara Thai’ in Mumbai is offering an exclusive and unique five-course mango meal and every dishes are quite experimental and of course extremely delicious. Now that your eating plan for the weekend is sorted, let’s take a quick look at this sweet and tangy menu of Nara Thai with the king of fruits.

Celebrate The Summer Season With The Five-Course Mango Meal At Nara Thai

The essence of summer can only be enjoyed with the seasonal fruits. And what is better to taste the season than eating mangoes. All our lives, we have eaten mangoes in raw form, smoothies, salads, aamras, aam panna, and with many such Indian twists and tastes. But this time we get to relish mangoes in Thai style and have a great Thai culinary experience. Nara Thai is popular for serving lip-smacking Thai cuisine. And this time, they are infusing the taste of mangoes with Thai dishes and bringing out unbelievable dishes to transport us to the tropical paradise of Thailand. Let’s have a look at what is so special about Nara Thai’s five-course mango meal.

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Nara Thai has quite some unique preparations and a limited-edition menu to choose from.

  • The five-course mango meal starts with a salad. For the salad, you can try out ‘The Yum Mamuang Bot’ and ‘Mango With Avocado Salad’.
  • The appetisers taste heavenly and some options are ‘Stir-Fried Chicken Made With Mango In Sesame Sauce ‘ and ‘The Gai Yang’.
  • While trying the soup, don’t forget to taste the ‘ Kang La Soup’. The taste and flavours of mangoes and Thai herbs burst inside the mouth at every sip.

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  • For the main course try out their signature ‘Thai Green Curry’, ‘Khao Phad Mamuang’, and ‘The Mango Red Curry’.
  • Though it is quite certain that you won’t have any space left to gorge on the dessert but we can always indulge in desserts no matter how full we are. And the five-course mango meal ends with the ‘Mango And Sticky Rice With Coconut Milk’.