This Rural Tourism Village In Jharkhand Will Spellbind You With Its Paitkar Scroll Painting

by Shreya Ghosh
This Rural Tourism Village In Jharkhand Will Spellbind You With Its Paitkar Scroll Painting

India is home to so many hidden gems and offbeat villages that houses immensely talented locals. There is art and artists in every corner of our country and today I am sharing about a village in India that will mesmerise you with its crafts and authentic local painting. Amadubi village in Jharkhand is a place of talented artists showcasing their art of Paitkar Scroll Paintings. The pieces are extremely beautiful and you surely need to check this out.

Here’s The Untold Story Of Amadubi Village In Jharkhand

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Jharkhand is a state of rich culture, heritage, and traditions and this tourist village will impress you will all its authentic artworks. Home to the Paitkar scroll paintings and painters, Amadubi village is a must-visit destination when in Jharkhand. Paitkar scroll painting is one of India’s oldest tribal art forms. Witnessing the traditional scroll paintings of the tribal artists is a surreal experience. Each and every painting is authentic and the tradition of this art is continuing for many years and decades.

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The painters mostly paint visuals of epic stories of mythology and legends of the past. They use scrolls made of bark from trees and leaves to prepare the paintings. Over 50 families live in this village who are popular for their talent for expressing and painting such visions. Tourists mostly explore their art homes to see scroll paintings and there is so much to explore and learn.

Add The Special Resort To Your Itinerary!

If you want to experience the local lifestyle of the tribes living in the Amadubi village in Jharkhand, you need to check out the special resort. It houses many huge cottages where tourists can spend their holidays and experience how the locals lead their lives. Surrounded by lush greenery and freshness, living in the cottages is such a beautiful experience. During the festive seasons, tribes of the Amadubi village come together and celebrate the occasions together.

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If you are in Jharkhand or visiting there anytime in the future, make sure to explore the Amadubi rural tourism village and check out some of the unique Paitkar scroll paintings.

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