Taimara Valley: The Mysterious Town In Jharkhand That Takes You 2 Years Ahead In Time

by Shreya Rathod
Taimara Valley: The Mysterious Town In Jharkhand That Takes You 2 Years Ahead In Time

How cool would it be if we could time travel and see everything that will happen in the future? Imagine if you are walking down a road and suddenly you are in the future. Well, in this town of Jharkhand, you can travel ahead of time. If you haven’t already guessed, we are talking about Taimara Valley, a mysterious town in Jharkhand. Come take a look at what is so spooky about it.

Ahead In Time By Two Years

taimara valley
Credits: Flickr

Taimara Valley is a place with no internet zone. If you are on your phone and pass through this place, then your mobile settings will automatically change to a future time, possibly ahead of two years. The lights start to flicker, applications stop working, setting up a mood for a horror film. However, the locals are accustomed to these situations while outsiders find it very fascinating.

Moreover, schools have started using simple registers instead of biometric attendance. There is no use of biometrics as the date of attendance appears to be of two years ahead. Many schools are facing this issue. You can only use phones to call and nothing else.

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The Mystery Of Taimara Valley

The puzzle of why this particular place is fluctuating in time is clear. Well, it so happens that Taimara valley passes through the Tropic of Cancer. As a result, the place has a powerful magnetic field and radiation field. On the other hand, some villagers claim to see a woman in white clothes roaming on the street. Many accidents have occurred in order to save her.

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So, if you are in mood for spooky fun, Taimara Valley is your destination.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels