This Street Stall In Juhu Is Offering Mia Khalifa Gola With Multiple Flavours

by Shreya Ghosh
This Street Stall In Juhu Is Offering Mia Khalifa Gola With Multiple Flavours

One thing which is common in most of the street food stalls and street vendors in India is their extravagant menu. Either you will see them using a load of butter and cheese to prepare a food item, or using a mixture of weird ingredients to prepare something for you. Well, this time such an exaggerated food item is the Mia Khalifa Gola. A street vendor in Mumbai’s Juhu is serving a huge gola with a lot of ingredients and syrups and many customers are visiting this place to try this Mia Khalifa Gola.

Balaji Beach Shack Is The Destination!

Say hello to Balaji Beach Shack in Juhu, selling the famous Mia Khalifa Gola. This beach shack is quite popular in the area and they serve a wide range of different food items. This food stall has two separate parts in the shack. One part is for all the lip-smacking street foods and more. On the other hand, the other part is for juices, shakes, gola, mocktails, and ice cream.

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The food items here are very delicious and this place attracts a lot of customers every day. Balaji Beach Shack offers a gastronomical feast of dishes from various cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Chinese, and American. Interestingly, this street vendor is completely vegetarian. But that is not really a problem. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians love to gorge on the foods here as they are so mouth-watering and yummy.

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Mia Khalifa Gola Is One Of The Most Popular Golas

The Mia Khalifa Gola is making this place immensely popular. It is a huge cylindrical-shaped gola with lots of extra ingredients and multiple flavours. They garnish a massive amount of ice with scoops of ice cream, malai, chocolate syrup, various sherbets, dry fruits, and chocolate chips. It is not possible for one person to finish this humongous gola and it is also certainly the biggest gola in Mumbai.