This Unique Dessert Parlour In Ahmedabad Serves Nitrogen Cookies

by Shreya J
This Unique Dessert Parlour In Ahmedabad Serves Nitrogen Cookies

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 If you’ve had enough of Nitrogen concoctions already, wait till you hear what this place does! They not only make nitrogen Ice-creams but also Nitrogen Cookies and Shakes!

 What Is It?

Since nitrogen Icecream has been done to death, what’s unique about Cryolab Handcrafted Icecream in Ahmedabad? It serves Nitrogen Oreo Cookie and Nitrogen Shakes too! You can become a child again, playing with smoke coming out of your mouth after eating the cookie or sipping on the shake. It’s indeed a fun-filled experience to enjoy with friends and family. You can choose a vast range of toppings to go with both your icecreams and shakes like Kitkat, Snickers, brownie, fresh fruit, gems, Bounty and many more.

Via Cryolab Facebook Page


They’ve given a quirky twist to cheese balls, pop-rings and Milano by nitrifying them, which by the way are not in the form of an icecream!

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 What Else?

This dessert lab serves more than 35 varieties of lip-smacking icecreams using liquid nitrogen! From Bubble gum to Oreo to Raj Bhog, you can get the best of both worlds here. The most exciting part about this experience is that you get injections filled with sauces like butterscotch, decadent chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut and honey.

Via Cryolab Facebook Page

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Address: Ground Floor, Arjun Avenue, Opposite Samartheshwar Mahadev, Law Garden, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad
Timings: 12 noon- 12:30 AM

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