Three Dubai Restaurants Won The Best Pasta Awards By The Italian Business Council; Details Inside

A culinary triumph unveiled by the Italian Business Council.

by Deeplata Garde
Three Dubai Restaurants Won The Best Pasta Awards By The Italian Business Council; Details Inside

In a delectable finale to The Pasta Awards, three outstanding Dubai restaurants have been anointed with culinary accolades, affirming their prowess in crafting the finest pasta dishes in the city. The esteemed Italian Business Council bestowed these prestigious awards in a ceremony that celebrated the diverse spectrum of pasta mastery.

Culinary Triumphs Unveiled: The Pasta Awards Gala

The Pasta Awards, an epicurean journey that unfolded in June 2023, culminated in a grand spectacle of recognition for exceptional pasta craftsmanship. A total of 350 public nominations spotlighted Dubai’s pasta-serving gems, creating a vibrant tapestry of culinary excellence. From this spirited beginning, 68 restaurants across the UAE emerged as nominees, each vying for supremacy in three distinct categories.

Crowning Glory Of The Best Pasta


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The coveted Best Vegetarian Pasta title found its home at Café Bateel Dubai Hills, a testament to their prowess in crafting plant-based pasta perfection. Torno Subito at W Dubai – Palm Jumeirah emerged victorious in the Best Innovative Pasta category, showcasing avant-garde pasta creations that redefine culinary boundaries. Meanwhile, the timeless artistry of crafting traditional pasta was epitomized by Loren at West Beach Palm Jumeirah, securing the prestigious Best Traditional Pasta award.

From Nominations To Culinary Odyssey At Pasta Awards, Dubai


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The Pasta Awards began as a culinary odyssey fueled by public nominations. Overall, enthusiasts eagerly put forth their cherished pasta-serving havens. This robust process yielded 68 restaurants in contention across the UAE. Individually, all contributed a unique narrative to the rich pasta tapestry. The top 13 nominees advanced to the semifinals. Here, a discerning jury from the Emirates Culinary Guild meticulously curated the final six finalists – two champions in each category.

Guiding this gastronomic journey were culinary luminaries. The panel included Chef Andy Cuthbert, the esteemed President of the Emirates Culinary Guild, and Thomas Paoletti, President of the IBC. Their discerning palates and culinary expertise added an extra layer of prestige to The Pasta Awards. Overall, it ensured that only the epitome of pasta excellence received the coveted laurels.

Italian Business Council: A Nexus of Culinary Excellence

The orchestrator behind this celebration of pasta mastery is the Italian Business Council – Dubai and Northern Emirates (IBCD). This non-profit private association stands as a nexus. Also, it unites companies and businessmen with active business ties in both Italy and the UAE. Beyond commerce, the IBCD plays a pivotal role in elevating Dubai’s culinary landscape. Overall it creates initiatives like The Pasta Awards. This event celebrates the harmonious fusion of Italian culinary tradition and Dubai’s vibrant culinary scene.

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