Throwing A House Party? Here’s How To Make The Perfect LIIT At Home

by Tooba Shaikh
Throwing A House Party? Here’s How To Make The Perfect LIIT At Home

Most people like to party their hearts out on the eve of the new year, but if you love to stay inside and want to have your own celebration, we support you! The involvement of alcohol in your new year’s plan is inevitable regardless of whether you had a good year or a bad one. If you had a good year, you’re bound to raise the glass and if you had a bad one, you’ll drown your sorrows in it. Here are 5 recipes to make the perfect LIIT – Long Island Iced Tea, at home.

1. Long Island Iced Tea By Tipsy Bartender

This classic recipe is easy to follow and easy to make. All you need are gin, triple sec, tequila, rum, and vodka. Of course, sweet & sour mix and coke are also needed but even if you don’t use them, we won’t mind!

2. Classic Long Island Iced Tea By Absolut Drinks

This plain and simple recipe for LIIT will have you tipsy and ready for the new year in no time! Apart from the standard spirits required to make a LIIT, this recipe includes lemon juice and syrup to give it that extra bit of kick. 

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3. Long Island Iced Tea By Steve The Bartender

This simple and straightforward recipe will transport you straight to tipsyville. It is your standard LIIT recipe because when the new year will already be full of surprises, at least your drink will be the same.

4. Simple Long Island Iced Tea By Cocktails India

This recipe of LIIT uses Cointreau instead of triple sec. For those of you who don’t know, Cointreau is basically a stronger, more refined version of triple sec. It’ll give your iced tea a stronger flavour and stronger punch.

5. Long Island Iced Tea By Vlad SlickBartender

If you want to test your mixology skills and want to create different versions of LIIT, then this video tutorial is for you. It gives you three versions of the drink: home, pro, and expert. If you have friends over, you can make them your guinea pig and try your hand at it.

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Cover Image Credits: Pixahive