Authentic Tibetan Laphing At Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi

by Angel Srivastava
Authentic Tibetan Laphing At Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi

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Head over to Majnu Ka Tilla to get your hand on ‘Laphing’, an authentic Tibetan dish that will surely leave you craving for more!

What is it?

Lhaphing is a spicy, cold mung bean noodle dish which is served at every nook and corner of Majnu ka Tilla.

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You won’t have to look far to get your hands on this Tibetan delight. Sweet Tibetan aunties can be found all over MKT selling Lhaphing at a price that won’t leave you broke.

Tenzing aunty, a lady sitting just outside the monastery serves the best Laphing. It will cost you around 30 INR and is available in both soupy and dry variants.

Laphing, literally means ‘cold noodle’, and is popular in many neighbouring countries including Nepal and Tibet. It’s a cool and spicy dish and is considered a refreshing summer food.

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This cold noodle is made from extracting starch from the mung bean, potatoes, or wheat flour and is cooked and left overnight.

Gluten extracted from the flour is also served along with the noodle dish which gives lhaphing its jelly-like and slippery texture. Spices such as salt, soy sauce, red chilli paste, garlic extracts, vinegar, and sesame oil give Lhaphing a peculiar yet balanced flavour, making it the perfect appetizer to be enjoyed along with momos or dumplings.

Regulars at Majnu ka Tila have been enjoying this Tibetan delicacy for years and keep going back for more.

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What else?

Majnu ka Tila is also known as ‘Little Tibet’ with colourful Tibetan flags and the air ringing with the sound of Tibetan prayers.

While in MKT, you can also get your hands on little Tibetan trinkets like Buddha idols, keychains, evil-eye, junk jewelry and more!

Address: Majnu ka Tilla, New Arun Nagar
Cost for 1 serving: Rs 30