Tina Dutta & Arohi Thatte Explore Khaugali In Malad Together

by Shreya Rathod

Tina Dutta is a household name for Bigg Boss fans and television lovers. And after being locked for two months, she was ready to explore the streets of Malad and relish delicious food. So, in this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Tina Dutt and Arohi Thatte went on a gastronomic journey with shawarma, bun maska, tapri chai, and loads of Bengali sweets. She also talked about her experience in the Bigg Boss house and her television journey.

Tina Dutta’s Experience In Bigg Boss

Being locked in a house for two months is not as simple as it sounds. But Tina Dutta did it! We asked about what she missed the most while locked in the house. She responded by saying that after getting out of the house, the first thing that she did was stare at the clear sky. She also said that she missed all her favourite street food, whether it was shawarma, pani puri, her favourite food joints and more. And confessed that she’s a foodie. Surviving on dal chawal for weeks was truly insane. 

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Tina said that she did not want to come out of the house and would have loved to be in the finale. Though she was disheartened, she was glad to get out. There was a point where she felt saturated with the atmosphere. 

A True Foodie

tina dutt
Credits: Curly Tales India

Tina Dutta is a foodie and loves Mumbai’s street food. She took us to her favourite joint Carter’s Blue for delicious chicken shawarma. We asked her about where else she liked to eat in Malad. Tina Dutta said that she liked to visit Bikaji where they serve delicious sweets including motichoor laddoo. She also told us about a small tea joint where she would have bun maska and chai. So, we went to enjoy tapri wali chai and bun maska. Sipping the hot chai and eating creamy bun maska, what a day! 

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This was Tina Dutta getting candid and if you want to know more about Malad khaugali, tune into the video linked above. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India