Tips To Prevent Sore Muscles On A Long Road Trip

by Tania Tarafdar
Tips To Prevent Sore Muscles On A Long Road Trip

The long road trips can be the perfect recipe for muscle soreness —sitting in one position for hours, cramped seating space, and swelling when you are hitting a high altitude. For that inevitable time when discomfort strikes, we spell out ways you can get active mid-road and alleviate pain — even if you are stuck in the middle seat with your peers surrounding you. Read on:

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1. Pump Your Feet

Whether you are driving or just soaking in nature from your window, pump your feet. Do it as if you are pushing on a gas pedal to move blood out of the vascular calf muscles, which are sometimes the site for deep vein thrombosis. Wacation On Wheels Allows You To Have A Caravan Road Trip!

2. Stop And Take A Walk

Every hour, take a pit stop, get out of your seat and take a walk in the nature to stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons in the lower extremities which include the area from the feet and ankles to the lower back. Your feet and ankle will naturally swell if you are driving at higher altitudes. If you have a preexisting injury, your swelling can increase, causing tightness in the footwear and subsequent pain. Visit Guangdong’s Highest Sky Corridor Waterfall Walkway In China

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3. Make Figure Eights With Your Foot

Pretend as if there is a pen on the top of your big toe, and sketch imaginary figure eights with your ankle and foot. You will prevent stiffness in the foot and joints as well as muscle soreness while doing this. This activity can also help in balance when you finally get out of the car. 

4. Bring Key Supplies Like Foam Roller And Pillow

Just like your travel playlist on Spotify, several tools can help you get ahead of travel-induced body pains. It can be a great idea to carry a portable foam roller or a pillow if you need head-to-toe aid. Foam rolling before starting the road trip can addresses tightness in thighs, hamstrings, quads and calves. Place a pillow at the base of your spine to get the much-needed lower back support. Eat, Sleep & Wake Up Amidst Animals At ‘The Resort’ In Abu Dhabi

5. Stretch On The Go

When you are stressed while travelling, the chances are that you will hold on the tension on your neck. Do some tension-relieving neck and head stretch so that you do not get sidelined by a headache. Never underestimate the importance of stretching and increasing blood flow as often as you can during a road trip. Your resistance bands should make it to your list of travel essentials.

When you reach your destination, take a cold shower to reduce inflammation of the muscles. You can also try an ice bath. According to a recent study, ice bath, has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by 20 percent.