8 Emergency Road Trip Essentials You Need To Have In Your Car

by Drishti
8 Emergency Road Trip Essentials You Need To Have In Your Car

If you feel that the misty weather is inviting you to hit the road, we get it. Playing your favourite songs, feeling that wind in your hair: all of it! Not to dampen your spirits, but the pandemic is still very much here. Which is why, it’s a good idea to take all the precautions. On that note, we’re bringing the ultimate checklist to you when planning to the take the wheel. Here are 8 Emergency Road Trip Essentials You Need To Have In Your Car:

1. First-Aid Kit

First things first, always! Hitting the road means that among several other things, you might have to become your own doctor. Learn all the First-Aid basics, and make a proper road trip First-Aid kit. Take in some bandage, gauze, antiseptic, medicines for diarrhoea, fever, vomit and painkillers. Don’t forget the pandemic specials: masks, soaps and sanitisers! Here are 5 Amazing Road Trips From Pune To Get Over The Lockdown.

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2. Torch

So, just in case you face that movie-like scenario of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere at night, you’ll probably need a torch. You can also carry a  Actually, a torch is a very handy tool in general. Don’t know why keep imagining those filmy road trip scenarios anyway!

3. Documents

Don’t get us started on what happens if you lose all the important documents on a road trip. Make sure you have your license, RC (Registration Certficate), PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate at all times. You might also need certificates of Covid-19 tests to enter some states. Our tip? Store a digital copy on your smartphone!

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4. Stepney/Spare Tyre

Okay, we mean a flat tyre is quite a possibility. Why do these happen anyway? Well, it’s not just sharp objects. Turns out they can they can also deflate if the weather’s too hot. Oh, and carrying one is not enough; you also need to know how to change it! So, add a repair kit, complete with car jacks and wheel wedges to your road trip essentials checklist. Meanwhile, check out the journey of this man’s inter-country road trip from India to Thailand:

5. Map

The last thing you want is to be lost. We mean, it’s not like getting lost in the country and discovering new places. Especially with the pandemic already making things difficult, make sure you carry a map. It could be a tech-savvy digital map with GPS (how many of you have travelled without your smartphones? Or just a basic paper-fold map will also do. This Interactive Map Reveals Coronavirus Regulations In Each Country.

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6. Snacks

Don’t tell us snacks aren’t road trip essentials. And no, we’re not talking about munch-along-all-the-time snacks, these are emergency snacks! You never know what go wrong, and you certainly don’t want to be hangry then. Also, it goes without saying that you’ll need to stock up on some water!

7. Protective gear

If you’re planning to go for a road trip now, you’ll be needing some emergency road trip essentials for monsoon. So, add some of these to your checklist: umbrellas, quick-dry towel, water-proof covers, and repellents. Try carrying water resistant items in the first place. Otherwise, it’s also a good time to bring along all those plastic sheets lying all stuffed up at your home.

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8. Portable charger

Just like our roads, electricity can be a little erratic at some places. So, it’s always a good idea to have some back-up. Carry a charged-up portable charger, and try not to drain your battery. Remember, you also need your phone to function for emergency calls, internet, and GPS. You can click a picture or two in-between, we guess.  Till then, check out the journey of this man who travelled from Delhi to London:


Well, that rounds up our list of Emergency Road Trip Essentials you need to have in your car. We advise you to check the travel rules issued by the government before planning your trip. Stay safe!