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This hidden waterfall on the Karnataka and Goa border will transport you to another world!


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What Is It?

The Sural Waterfall, also known as Surla Falls, is a magnificent sight to behold near Belgaum in the village of Surla. 


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Ensconced in the lap of the Western Ghats, the water falls from 300 feet above! It is an ideal trekking spot for the adventurer and nature lover in you! Get a brilliant view of the hills and the falls as well as the valley below as you trek.

What’s More?

The most opportune time to come to these falls is the beginning of the monsoon season, enhancing the view of the grand waterfall. But it does get a little dangerous for trekkers in this season to navigate their path.


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Head here now for a thrilling experience and a bird’s eye view of nature’s splendour!

Address: Surla Waterfalls, Surla village, near Kalsa waterfall, SH31, Karnataka 591345

Madhusree Chatragadda
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