Tired Of Cab/Auto Cancellations? This Guy Has Genius Hack That Will Ensure You Get A Ride Home

by Shreya Ghosh
Tired Of Cab/Auto Cancellations? This Guy Has Genius Hack That Will Ensure You Get A Ride Home

Getting a cab in Bengaluru is a task! We have heard many Bengalureans getting frustrated about cab cancellations. And this becomes quite a common issue during the ongoing monsoon season. Travelling somewhere in a cab in the rainy season is a safe idea but getting that cab is a major obstacle. Well, to solve this never-ending problem of waiting for hours for a cab, a guy from Bengaluru has an effective trick.

Swiggy To The Rescue When You Don’t Get A Cab Or Auto!

If you are wondering how a food delivery company like Swiggy will help you with getting a cab in the monsoon season in the infamous Bengaluru traffic, well we are here to share all the deets. But before that, you need to check out this fun video.

Warning: You might fall out of your bed laughing!


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Instagram user Nitin Sequeira (@nitinzequeira) is a genius who has found the most unique, somewhat effective, and kind of crazy idea to get a ride back home in the monsoons.

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After being stuck in a place due to cab cancellations, Nitin used this rib-tickling hack that took him home without having to wait for hours to get a cab.

  1. Wall around and look for the nearest restaurant.
  2. Place an order for some food. Make sure that it is not a takeaway. Instead, you are ordering it to your home.
  3. After the Swiggy delivery guy comes to the restaurant to pick up your order, request for a ride. Make sure that you are behaving politely.
  4. Do not forget to make conversations with him.

And that’s how you can easily reach your home and ditch the long wait to get a cab.

What Do The Netizens Have To Say About This Viral Video?

Picture credit- Nitin Sequeira Instagram (@nitinzequeira)

The video has surely reached its target audience and Instagrammers are pouring their experiences in the comment section. It seems like Netizens are loving this hysterical trick. Shared just a day back, the viral hilarious video has garnered almost 700K views with over 86K likes and hundreds of comments. An Instagrammer commented, “forget hunger saviour, this is legit home saviour bruh lmao ☠️”. Someone wrote, “Man played a 4D chess move😂”. People praised this trick as genius, smart, a great life hack, wholesome, and so much more.

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What do you think of this funny hack? People of Bengaluru, are you going to use this trick if you do not get a cab the next time?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Nitin Sequeira (@nitinzequeira)