Man Films Zomato Delivery Guy Eating At A Bangalore Signal; Netizens Are Skeptical Of The Video

by Shreya Shriyan
Man Films Zomato Delivery Guy Eating At A Bangalore Signal; Netizens Are Skeptical Of The Video

Zomato is considered the ultimate platform for food lovers, offering restaurant reviews, food delivery options, and dining recommendations. It has been a go-to guide for a quick meal delivered to your doorstep. But, recently, the food delivery service has been in the limelight for another reason. This video circulating shows a Zomato delivery executive eating while at a Bangalore signal. This is raising concerns about the food delivery service’s hygiene. 

 Man Films  Zomato Delivery Executive Eating At Bangalore Signal

In a video shared by Twitter user Himanshu Chopra, @Chopra1664, a man carrying the Zomato delivery box can be seen sitting on his bike and using his phone. This video has supposedly circulated from Bangalore. But, this is not what started the uproar. 

The issue arose when the Zomato delivery man, continued to reach for the food in his delivery box and ate it. 

The video shows him reaching for what looks like fries, in the Zomato delivery box. He then proceeds to eat it, before the man recording him eventually moves ahead. The video raised concerns about how the food delivery giant handles food safety procedures. 

But, it also made Netizens question the theory of perspective. While some believed that maybe the delivery agent is at fault, some questioned the video’s purpose. One user commented asking “What if he’s eating his own food from his personal lunch box..??.

While another user chimed in and said “They will not handle their own purchased food in an open place… Any food is food. It should be stored in a safe place” 

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The user even continued to question the original poster’s purpose of recording the delivery executive with the comment “ What’s your problem with it?”. The video eventually landed on Zomato’s lap and they responded to Chopra, addressing the issue. 

What Did The Food Delivery Giant Have To Say?

In their response, Zomato asked Chopra to share the details of the delivery agent. Details like his bike plate number, order ID etc, with them on private message so that they can get this incident checked. They also said that they don’t tolerate such behaviour from their executives. 

The exchange between the two, shows Chopra replying and saying that as he was at the signal for a brief moment, he wasn’t able to get identification. What happened further to the delivery executive or with the poster of the video, is unclear. 

But, this raises the conversation about the impact of what we post. There is no verification about whether the delivery executive was actually eating his own food or not. But, the video created a confusing perspective for anyone who came across it. 

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It is important to realise that our actions have consequences that could affect someone’s life severely. We need to make sure what we put on social media are always verified facts and not a one-sided perspective.

Cover image courtesy: @Chopra1664 / Twitter